After you have experienced Sunday morning worship with us, our hope is that you have a desire to take the appropriate next step on your journey toward becoming an increasingly devoted follower of Christ. Below are some ways you can explore your next step in your spiritual journey with Christ, and your next step with Issachar. Maybe your next step is…

Sunday Morning Worship Services:
This is the most common first step for people at Issachar – attend our weekly worship services.

Alpah is a series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Each week we will loook at a different question around faith in an enviroment designed to create conversation.


Have you been baptized?  Want to learn more?  Click here
 to get some background information, listen to sermons on baptism, or find out your next steps to get baptized.

We believe that church membership is very significant and provides great privileges while bearing important responsibilities. Learn more about becoming a member at Issachar.

Serving Others:
We believe that the church is a body and therefore, we cannot function the way God intended us to unless every part of that body is working together. We influence our church, our community, and our world by serving others.