Breaking News!

Our donation website can be found at\giving.

Some of you already know, but to most this is news…Issachar Church is purchasing the vacant building formerly occupied by Casey’s Bar (501 S. Main Street Sheridan, IN 46069).  This building has graced the Sheridan landscape for as long as anyone can remember.  In fact, we cannot find a single person who remembers when this building wasn’t on Main Street.  The building was originally a tack and feed store that served the needs of the Sheridan community.  After many other businesses came and went, Casey’s Bar arrived.  About three years ago, Casey’s left.  Unfortunately, the building has been sitting empty since their departure. 


Now that Issachar is purchasing 501 S. Main, this building is once again going to serve the needs of the Sheridan community…this time not as a tack and feed shop but rather Issachar Church’s sanctuary and community outreach center.  We have plans to incorporate a coffee shop, hold career enrichment classes (resume writing, interviewing, etc.), offer a prayer/fasting apartment, and enjoy community movie nights to name just a select few.  Before we can do this, we must fix the decay three years of neglect has caused.  The roof leaks.  There are mold issues.  We need new plumbing and electrical.  Basically, the building needs to be gutted and revamped from the studs out.


This is where you all come in.  As always, we want our endeavors to be bathed in prayer; we need and welcome your prayers for the new Issachar Church building.  In addition to prayer, we also need to raise enough money to cover the cost of revitalization.  We appreciate any and all donations.  We fully understand that projects like this can be rather pricey; and, in order to keep costs in check, Issachar Church is going to use as much volunteer labor as possible.  We are also going to reach out to local companies in search of discounted or donated equipment and materials.  Where we cannot use volunteers, we will use local contractors and search out quality work that is also cost effective.  We are asking our friends and supporters to go to Issachar’s donation website at\giving to donate.


We would like to get started in our new church home as soon as is possible.  Much of our start date will be determined by available funds to renovate our new building.  Once again, we ask you to help us by bathing our new building and remodel in prayer and by donating to the building fund.  Our donation website can be found at\giving.


Our Service Times

Saturday Service 6 p.m. (New Day & New Location / 707 W 2nd Street) 
Thursday Bible Study 7 p.m. 417 South Main Street (Outreach Center)